Located 10 km north of Paris, the city of Saint-Denis, cosmopolitan and multicultural, has experienced several waves of development and continues its transformation today.

First famous for its basilica, emblem of the city, the historic center has several monuments of remarkable architecture. It also houses the Parc de la Légion-d’Honneur, adored by families and inhabitants of the district, but also the largest market in Île-de-France, a veritable institution and witness to the territory’s trading past.

Crossed by the Seine which offers picturesque landscapes along its banks, the Saint-Denis canal has gradually become a place for strolling and relaxation. Appreciated by its inhabitants, Saint-Denis embodies the main character of the eponymous song by the artist Grand Corps Malade, an ode to “the great lady”.

The city has also experienced contemporary architectural developments, in particular with the construction of the Stade de France around which a brand new district has been built combining housing, shops, restaurants and a cinema. With the future Saint-Denis – Pleyel station, whose inauguration is scheduled for 2024, Saint-Denis is preparing to become a real centrality in northern Paris.


Located in a historic and highly sought-after condominium in the 10th arrondissement, this apartment with its industrial origins was in good condition, but its U-shaped floor plan deserved to be rethought. It is built around a 9 m2 terrace, whose charm was just waiting to be revealed.


Rediscover a plan that’s easier to live in, with an open kitchen, larger shower room, separate WC and, of course, more storage space. Bring the terrace back to life as a real bonus room. More light in the kitchen.

Line of conduct

Preserve the atypical charm of the premises and the remarkable old features. Echo the greenery of the terrace by punctuating the apartment with flat expanses of green.

Assume the “countryside in Paris” ambience, which combines industrial codes (black metal skylights, antique doors, retro-style electric radiators), country-inspired antique furniture such as the farm table and framed kitchen fronts, and the Mediterranean softness embodied by the raw materials of the South of France: terracotta and waxed concrete.


A complete renovation that places the kitchen next to the terrace, giving each a place at the heart of the apartment. A previously under-utilized space was upgraded with the creation of a custom-made office, entirely painted a deep green to become a real bonus room.

A parquet floor painted white to unify the whole and let the light circulate: a bold choice, but one that paid off.

An ultra-optimized bathroom in which waxed concrete-covered formwork conceals technical elements and creates hidden niches and storage.

Original plans & project

A haven of peace and light with simple beauty.

  • Crédits photosBertrand Fompeyrine BCDF

The before …


7 – 16 September 2023

For the 3rd year running, ARCHIK is supporting French design and creativity by partnering Paris Design Week. In September, Sabourin Costes will have carte blanche to create an exclusive scenography to showcase and unveil our new edition, co-created with the design duo.

Paris Design Week has become a not-to-be-missed highlight, giving a voice and visibility to emerging and established artists at our Parisian home in the heart of the Marais district, 14 rue de Montmorency.

This year, with the support of Le French Design by VIA, we are launching our 8th edition, co-created with the design duo Sabourin Costes. Paola Sabourin and Zoé Costes have been given carte blanche to imagine an exclusive scenography and unveil our edition during #PDW23. It will be revealed at the heart of a scenography composed of pieces created by the designers for their first solo show, like a dialogue between the straight line and the organic curve.

A preview launch for Sabourin Costes and ARCHIK.


Sabourin Costes is a design studio founded by Zoé Costes and Paola Sabourin.

From their Paris studio, they compose and shape surprises. By combining a meticulous exploration of materials and how they are used with formal and functional research, they create singular objects that catch the eye and celebrate the everyday.

Their preferred materials are simple yet refined: lacquered wood, polished stainless steel or transparent resin. They play with reflection and distortion to create unexpected, contemplative moments.

ARCHIK X Sabourin Costes is the result of a shared desire to explore and give birth to a unique creation, a retranscription of two distinct worlds that meet and complement each other.



Paris Design Week from 7th to 16th September 2023

No appointment necessary every day between 9.30 am and 6.30 pm at Maison ARCHIK Paris

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In a 1930 building designed by architects Jean Ginsberg and François Heep, this apartment needed to be optimized. Reinterpreted by architect Baptiste Legué, the space now boasts a modernist cachet.


Restore the radiance of a 1930s apartment by bringing in light and circulation.

Line of conduct

Creating a soft, luminous atmosphere was the common thread running through this renovation. Inviting light into every room to highlight mineral materials such as terrazzo and waxed concrete.


The transformation of the apartment was radical: all partitions were removed, leaving only the structural elements in place. The floors underwent a complete overhaul to accommodate a mix of terrazzo and carpet. A set of furniture was carefully custom-designed and discreetly integrated into the existing environment. This approach re-established simple volumes and perfectly harmonized the apartment’s overall aesthetic.

A modernist setting that plays on contrasts.


A complete renovation carried out by ARCHIK and the architect Baptiste Legué (ABL) in a house from the beginning of the century, near Paris.


To give back to this doll’s house where small volumes and numerous rooms follow one another, a more contemporary functionality by decompartmentalizing the spaces and revitalizing their layout.

Course of action

Expand the house to offer three distinct spaces: living area, master suite and children’s area, all on two levels, and focus on the outdoors with an extension of the living area facing the garden, opening onto a shaded terrace.


Natural materials were used as the main thread of the renovation: Okoumé wood for the custom-made woodwork, natural and pink travertine in the bathroom and kitchen. The pink and beige tones of the whole project create an enveloping and soft atmosphere.

On the first floor, the staircase is moved and becomes an integrated element that creates a bench for the dining room. The open kitchen with island is the nerve center of this first level and is adorned with pink travertine. The day and night areas have been separated and Okoumé wood panels, some of which serve as doors and others as storage, mark this distinction. The master suite has a bathroom entirely made of travertine with a custom-made double sink.

Upstairs, two attic bedrooms each offer built-in storage and an office area. The relocated hopper allows the creation of a pleasant shower room with window, as well as an independent toilet. Two rooms in total look terracotta.

A family cocoon, warm and bucolic, turned towards the outside.

  • Crédits photosAgathe Tissier

Before …


June – August 2023

The exhibition that brings together Marseille's new design scene.

“Cagnard” means raw sun, scorched rock and the Corniche in Marseille. A return from the beach, the body numbed by the rays, the skin still salty. And then, a metal bench, refreshing in the scorching air. All around, the blue sky and the Mediterranean soothe the soggy spirits.

This exhibition brings together Marseille’s new design scene. In this scenography halfway between the sidewalks of the Corniche and the rocky depths of the Mediterranean, ARCHIK presents a curation conceived as a concretion of radical, colorful and organic pieces.

The artists

Born on Reunion Island, LÉA BIGOT, a native of Marseilles by adoption, creates sculptures with organic lines inspired by the energies of nature. Somewhere between design and art, her unique, free-form pieces are made in ceramic and pewter.

From their workshop in Marseille, ROMAIN CARLÈS and PAUL DEMARQUET perpetuate a woodworking tradition that is deeply rooted in the Mediterranean art of living. They design modern, timeless, sunny and aquatic furniture and objects, in one-off pieces or limited series.

Born in Nîmes, AXEL CHAY now lives in Marseille. He designs radical, colorful pieces, mostly in metal. Influenced by the Memphis movement, his functional, sculptural designs have already become iconic.

A designer sensitive to curves and drawing, THOMAS DEFOUR lives and works between Hyères and Paris. Lacquered tubular steel, boat-inspired nylon netting, bespoke carved wood, he imagines objects with a post-modern approach and mixes traditional manufacturing methods.

SOPHIA TAILLET finds inspiration in exploring materials. The designer thinks of her functional pieces as sculptures, especially glass, which she shapes as she experiments.

The artists

Originally from south-eastern France, DELPHINE DÉNÉRÉAZ is a visual artist who lives and works in Marseille. With a degree in textile design, she creates pieces using the lirette weaving technique, which consists of creating tapestries from reused domestic fabrics.

France and Caroline have combined their names to create ATELIER FRANCA, a ceramics workshop that revisits codes through handcrafted pieces with pure, organic lines. Their signature: sky-blue, ochre and white earthenware.

Photographers and artistic directors, Steven and Coline of IGO STUDIO evolve in a universe that is both realistic and absurd. They also express themselves through the creation of objects that materially represent their universe, largely inspired by the “Marseilles aesthetic”.

Interior architect and designer MARION MAILAENDER lives and works between Paris and her native city. She imagines bold interiors for hotels, restaurants and private clients, as well as design pieces that combine “fun and function”.

SOUTHWAY STUDIO, an artists’ collective founded in Marseille by Emmanuelle Luciani, is an “unclassifiable” structure that promotes and revisits the decorative arts. SOUTHWAY STUDIO is also a lively, multi-faceted gallery, artist residency and bed & breakfast in the heart of Marseille.

“In a sunny atmosphere, “Cagnard” presents a dozen artists and designers from Marseilles linked by their attachment to the Mediterranean and its territory. An experience of the corniche under the sun embodied by creative people”.

– Milk Decoration


From June 1 to September 1, 2023
at Maison ARCHIK Paris

Delphine Dénéréaz represented by Galerie Versant Sud

Axel Chay, Thomas Defour, Sophia Taillet published by 13 DESSERTS

Souvenirs de l’antique I François Bazin

March – May 2023

This exhibition retraces the creative process of the designer who imagined a scenography with a soft and comforting atmosphere, evoking his travel memories.

Through this scenography, François Bazin expresses his vision of a graphic design with pure lines, inspired by plants and architecture. He also pays particular attention to environmentally friendly production methods and the choice of materials he uses. Each object is made by French and European craftsmen, selected for the quality of their work.

Most of the pieces on display were designed for the occasion. Some of them are directly inspired by the discoveries he made during his visits to historical sites. We find the shapes of a column, a fountain or an acanthus leaf. Others come from his observation of nature, like the meridian, inspired by the movement of the waves and the sunset, which the designer contemplates every summer evening.

François Bazin

François Bazin studied at the Versailles School of Architecture, where he deepened his knowledge of classical arts and garden architecture.

Self-taught, he began with drawing, then worked on wood sculpture before creating ceramic pieces. Inspired by nature, he now creates lighting, furniture and small objects for galleries and interior designers, for whom he also creates custom pieces, adapted to each project.

Through an immersive scenography that transports us into a cozy living room inspired by the homes of ancient Greece, François Bazin evokes his memories of travel.



From March 9th to May 19th 2023
in Maison ARCHIK Paris

Designer’s website


A blank page to write in this apartment on the rue des Martyrs, which has been asleep for years. A playground of 112 mto invest fully.


Adapting an apartment to today’s uses and functions, thanks to the decompartmentalization of the kitchen and the creation of a parental bedroom with dressing room and large shower room.

Course of action

A strong intervention on the entrance space and the kitchen, completely remodeled, and the creation of a contrast of this space with the rest of the apartment. Thought as a small stage, everything in the kitchen is there to highlight materials such as pink Quartzite opus, travertine, and dark wood.

Materials of unusual use, such as the Incertum opus in Pink Quartzite in the kitchen floor and the entrance hall, create a sense of surprise and are enhanced by custom-made arrangements in blackened oak and dark paint.


The work on the custom-made layout elements has allowed the creation of functional spaces, as well as a simple and uncluttered reading of the spaces. It also allows to highlight elements such as a central island in travertine or furniture.

The adult bathroom, with its flowing shower and transparent dressing room, reveals a warm space bathed in light from the south.

Clean lines and uncompromising style, with bold but always accurate choices.


Before …


Novembre – Février 2023

As part of the launch of its Revue N°4 on the theme of glass, ARCHIK presents an exhibition as a tribute to this timeless, malleable and infinitely reusable material, which has been present in architecture and design for decades.

Atelier George

Atelier George is a duo composed of Eve George and Laurent Fichot, designers and glassblowers. In their workshop, they work together from design to manufacture. Their work includes lighting, tableware and wall tiles, all created using molten glass techniques. Each object of the Atelier is unique: thanks to the mastery of glass blowing, the objects are never reproduced identically.

This exhibition highlights the co-creation of the TANGO edition. ARCHIK invited Atelier George to create a scenography illustrating the glassblowing technique through its new edition as well as a selection of pieces from its collections. The TANGO edition is displayed on a black table with bluish reflections by designer Xavier Montoy. An Arc chair by Pascal Mourgue invites you to sit down. Behind it, a wall weaving by Léa Parraguin echoes the shades of blue of the lights and vases from the Atelier George collections.

Garnier & Linker

The strength of the design duo Guillaume Garnier & Florent Linker lies in their ability to enhance forgotten techniques and to constantly renew their application and aesthetics. This strength also resides in the creative method they have put in place: a hybrid process that borrows as much from design as from craftsmanship and sculpture, and that comes to life between the studio and the workshop.

The Garnier & Linker collection was born of experiments with ancestral materials and know-how. Alabaster, obsidian, volcanic stone, bronze, plaster and solid cast glass: all materials reinterpreted in a contemporary language. Each model is handmade by French master craftsmen.

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The techniques of blown glass and lost wax glass paste are highlighted in this exhibition dedicated to the material of the year: glass.



From December 2022 to February 2023
at Maison ARCHIK Paris

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Plus de photos

Nathalie Rozencwajg

DPLG Architect

Immersed in a multicultural environment since her birth, between Luxembourg and Brussels, Nathalie flew to London in 1996 where she studied architecture at the Architectural Association. Her career path and experiences led her to work in renowned firms where she participated in large-scale projects around the world: the Onassis Foundation in Athens, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Great Britain, and numerous projects in China. Wishing to fly on her own, she created several agencies in 2007 and founded NAME in 2018. Between London and Paris, the agency works on projects of various scales, from the individual to the collective, often winning awards. Among the emblematic projects, an Arctic resort in Lapland, a shopping mall in Bangkok and a new hotel for a desert climate.

Nathalie brings that European touch of elegance and attention to detail and aesthetics, which appeals to her international clients. She is a regular contributor to architecture & design magazines and participates in conferences for international audiences.

Her projects are inspired by the city and the urban lifestyle, but also by the history of a place, its materials, its patterns or the traces found there before renovating it. She cherishes light wood, white, linen, ceramics, and Luis Barragán’s architecture for its mastery of proportion, light and color.

With ARCHIK, she shares the same universe where Beauty has a primordial place, and where the history of a place shapes a renovation.



Architect HMONP

Stéphanie Bertina Minel is a passionate and sparkling architect who studied at the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles. After two years of experience in renowned Parisian agencies, Stéphanie started her own agency in 2008.

Both an architectural and interior design firm, she specializes in assisting individuals with their small and large-scale renovation projects. Since 2018 she has been involved in the association Architectes&Particuliers, which she is now president.

Attentive, Stephanie is interested in a wide variety of projects offering a custom approach while remaining sensitive to the place’s context and history. In all of her practice, she advocates for creative architecture and a realistic approach, without being “art for art’s sake”. She creates optimized and elegant spaces that do not follow trends, but enhance the quality of life of its occupants.

With ARCHIK, she shares the same notion of customized support, the key to obtaining well thought-out and durable spaces. And it is committed to quality architecture, from the sketch to the delivery of each project.



Interior Designers

Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann met on the benches of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg in 2015. After graduating, they founded their own studio HEJU in 2015 and created a universe mixing Japanese and Scandinavian influences.

Using minimalist lines and volumes, they create timeless places with the aim of optimising spaces, challenging codes and customs while advocating a return to emotion. They infuse poetry into their clients’ daily lives while favouring natural, living materials that develop a patina over time. The choice of materials, colours and textures is at the heart of their thinking in order to create atmospheres that appeal to all the senses.

At HEJU, beauty comes in the simplest details, as evidenced by their architectural compositions, furniture lines and material combinations.

Their projects are the result of deep spatial and functional reflection, in line with the essence of the place and the lifestyle of their clients. Several values unite us: the continuity between art, design and architecture, in order to create unique places. The fluidity of volumes and the love of the modernist trend.