ARCHIK opens the doors of its House at 14 rue de Montmorency. This cocoon bathed in light, with raw materials, offers a privileged location to the brand, in the heart of the Parisian dynamism.

Within this space, spread over two levels, exhibitions and events are held to bring this privileged place to life.

Halfway between agency, gallery and showroom, designers, craftsmen and brands are presented around a common art of living.

Our desire is to welcome our clients in a place where the art of living they are looking for prevails, a place where one feels good.

ARCHIK House has a strong personality, mixing both the raw and the chic, in a subtle mix representative of our spaces “TO LIVE” and “TO RENOVATE”. A cultural place around architecture, numerous thematic meetings are organized, and ephemeral showcases are set up according to the artists we present.

Within our ARCHIK Houses, we host three exhibitions of designers or artists whose vision we share and whom we wish to honor. Following these meetings and numerous exchanges, each exhibition sees the birth of a co-creation that keeps the link between the artist and the ARCHIK universe alive.

Photographer ⓒFrédéric Lucano


14 rue de Montmorency | 75003 Paris

Tel : +33 (0) 1 47 07 66 17

A same passion unites us, you want to live architecture on a daily basis and to live in the places? Become our future co-workers!

We will guide you as well in your purchase project, in the layout of your property, as well as in our city, of which we know every corner!

ARCHIK is a team of art loving professionals from a wide variety backgrounds who share the same sharp appreciation for architecture and for the urban landscape.

A team of interior design architects, decoration designers and art collectors who are ready to help you through your renovation or a tasteful make-over of your property, from conception to bespoke fruition.