ARCHIK, is...
A new breed of agency with a cross disciplinary approach and synergy, ARCHIK brings architecture and design back into the heart of the estate agency industry.

Everything starts with that property search. Our particular grasp of – and flair for – the inherent value of good art and design, the use of space and light, enables us to put together a selection of properties with real architectural and structural worth.

Our properties ” FOR LIVING ” are as diverse as they are outstanding. There are appartments restyled and refurbished by talented interior design architects, whole houses developed by renowned architects or simply properties of exceptional design and quality. Neoclassic; Art Deco; Modern or Contemporary. All architectural styles and periods interest us as long as the renovation or refurbishment is in complete keeping with the with spirit, age and structure of the property. It is also important that the alterations or changes have been carried out with real due care and attention.

Our properties for ” RENOVATION ” also include redeveloping some of the grand and elegant 19th century ” Haussmann ” period appartments, or town houses built in the 1930’s. We work with repurposing former or disused factories and workshops into loft style living spaces, as long as they also have the character and the potential to be transformed into quality and innovative homes.

ARCHIK, is also...

An interior design practice with an esthetic and sense of equilibrium.

We select the teams of architects, interior designers and decorators best suited to your project, who in turn provide the right solution that is fully tailored to your needs. This ensures that the end result is as incredible as you had imagined.

Therefore, working with ARCHIK means you can create your own ” A – Z ” world of Home Living.

ARCHIK, is finally and above all else a human adventure.

We have a unique set of talented individuals working within the agency, whose different backgrounds bring diverse ways of thinking. They are also experts in their field. This means that we have a team that is united by the same sense of vision and understanding of our particular property portfolio and our niche market. They have the same eye and touch for distinctive architecture, as well as the important relationship with the urban landscape.


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The flat and its tropézienne are magnificent and we feel wonderfully well, thank you ARCHIK!

Claire & Nicolas

Magnificent properties, a professional team, a tailor-made service. Nothing to add.


Everything you bring in is a gem… I am still looking for my favourite on the ARCHIK website.


Flat sold, arduous visits, assiduous contacts: new life in a suspended loft, thank you ARCHIK!

Céline & Jean-Charles

Unusual and successful. Bravo to the creators, scotching!

Catherine & Mireille

Many thanks to ARCHIK for its very efficient support in our purchase/sale operation, long live ARCHIK!

Fanny & Ivan

Finally a real estate agency in Marseille, bravo ARCHIK!

Aurélie & Jonathan

Thank you very much for your collaboration, I am optimistic for the future of ARCHIK because of its dynamism and will not fail to recommend your agency to any potential seller.


A fan of the Archik Agency! A big congratulations to the whole team for their talent! You are inspiring…


ARCHIK is Chic! ARCHIK is Tonic! An enveloping and generous atmosphere. A new look at real estate in Marseille…


The agency that was missing in Marseille, the ability to listen to clients, they have given a new dynamic to the sale of exceptional flats.

Céline & Christophe

This is the most chic real estate agency in Marseille! Especially the girls of the agency…


Ultime Provence is proud to be associated with the ARCHIK adventure, you are at the TOP!


ARCHIK a professional team, comforting, available, always present and honest, their wise advice makes us their best ambassadors. I am already nostalgic about leaving them!

Audrey, Bruno, Astrid

As a long-time Marseillaise and journalist, I found within the ARCHIK community a stimulating atmosphere and a relationship with furniture and architecture that was unheard of before.


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