ARCHIK offers a bespoke architectural service experience.
Be bold to do something different, be bold to create something new, our architects are there to help you make it come true.

    Your project

    ARCHIK will advise and be with you all the way through your restoration project, thanks to its dual role as an estate agency and as an architectural practice.

    The architectural designs we have provided for ‘renovation’ are all included in the ARCHIK collection due to their exceptional potential. We are inspired by our passion for the fundamentals of good design and for their architectural innovation. Simply put, we are driven by the desire to breathe new life back into such beautiful buildings. Therefore, our teams hunt out those properties which have the real potential for plenty of exciting redesign and transformation.

    Unless you have already found your shining pearl?

    In either event, tell us more about your project and we will come up with the most suitable architects, designers and craftsmen to turn your plan and ideas into reality.

    Moving forward with you.

    Our agency is principally involved in the renovation side of the project, be this the refurbishment and organisation of the inside and the outside of the structure, or even just the home interior decoration and redesign.

    ARCHIK places Home Living at the heart of how it thinks and approaches its design. Architects, landscapers, designers or artists will deliver the bespoke package of support, in line with the specific requirements of the property and of the needs of each, individual client.

    We like to put this as your very own tailor-made step into the world of ” haute couture “.

    Our fees

    8 – 10% HT (taxes not included) of the total HT cost of the works.
    You will receive a fully drawn up and detailed project plan, costed at around 10% and a complete set of documentation containing the plans that the experts will need.

    13 – 17% HT of the total HT cost of the works.
    You will receive a fully drawn up and detailed project progress plan, a fully costed report and supervision of the providers or suppliers involved.

    You can trust us to deliver on our promise, so get in touch.


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    Our Agencies

    50 rue Edmond Rostand | 13006 Marseille

    14 rue de Montmorency | 75003 Paris

    13 rue Sainte Ursule | 31000 Toulouse


    The flat and its tropézienne are magnificent and we feel wonderfully well, thank you ARCHIK!

    Claire & Nicolas

    Magnificent properties, a professional team, a tailor-made service. Nothing to add.


    Everything you bring in is a gem… I am still looking for my favourite on the ARCHIK website.


    Flat sold, arduous visits, assiduous contacts: new life in a suspended loft, thank you ARCHIK!

    Céline & Jean-Charles

    Unusual and successful. Bravo to the creators, scotching!

    Catherine & Mireille

    Many thanks to ARCHIK for its very efficient support in our purchase/sale operation, long live ARCHIK!

    Fanny & Ivan

    Finally a real estate agency in Marseille, bravo ARCHIK!

    Aurélie & Jonathan

    Thank you very much for your collaboration, I am optimistic for the future of ARCHIK because of its dynamism and will not fail to recommend your agency to any potential seller.


    A fan of the Archik Agency! A big congratulations to the whole team for their talent! You are inspiring…


    ARCHIK is Chic! ARCHIK is Tonic! An enveloping and generous atmosphere. A new look at real estate in Marseille…


    The agency that was missing in Marseille, the ability to listen to clients, they have given a new dynamic to the sale of exceptional flats.

    Céline & Christophe

    This is the most chic real estate agency in Marseille! Especially the girls of the agency…


    Ultime Provence is proud to be associated with the ARCHIK adventure, you are at the TOP!


    ARCHIK a professional team, comforting, available, always present and honest, their wise advice makes us their best ambassadors. I am already nostalgic about leaving them!

    Audrey, Bruno, Astrid

    As a long-time Marseillaise and journalist, I found within the ARCHIK community a stimulating atmosphere and a relationship with furniture and architecture that was unheard of before.


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