In the heart of Vauban, this townhouse entirely restructured by architect now enjoys an outdoor patio redesigned in a Mediterranean spirit, to enjoy every day.


Develop this small area nestled at the back of the house, and bring together all the functions of an exterior, playing on its connection with the large living room.

Ligne de conduite

The intention was to free up the space while integrating it into the interior renovation thanks to the choice of materials, to blur the inside-outside boundary, typical of the Marseilles way of life.

The 4.50 by 2.50 meter freijo wood bay window naturally connects the two spaces.

Mise en oeuvre

The idea was to work with masonry elements to gain space and create rhythm. Basin, benches and planters are directly inserted into the volume of the patio, which is now ready to house the bulk of the summer kitchen. The tree planters in the background break the verticality of the space, and are composed of strelitzia reginae and augusta, aspidistra, and euphorbia ingens and myrsinite.

The strict lines of the elements are mixed with raw and mineral materials in warm tones to invoke the sweetness of Mediterranean living.

While the walls are adorned with a light sand-colored plaster, the floor is entirely covered with tiles made of quartz powder and salmon-colored granite with an aged look by the Italian brand La Pietra Compattata. The southern influence continues in the choice of outdoor furniture, with the custom-made dark brick-colored seat cushions and the terracotta tiled table, made by Honoré.

A summer feeling all year round.

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Before …

Complete renovation of an old townhouse orchestrated by JoBe Architecture and ARCHIK to create an open and friendly living space, turned towards natural light.


At the bend of a steep alley in the heart of the typical Vauban district, an old townhouse evokes the Marseille of yesteryear. On this playground, the will of the renovation duo was to create an open living space, turned towards natural light and inviting to conviviality. For an art of living à la marseillaise.

Course of action

The intention was to give this townhouse, with its succession of small, narrow, dark rooms, a Mediterranean flair as well as a functionality suited to urban family life. To enlarge the house and offer an isolated and suspended parental space, an attic mezzanine was created above the living room. The new floor plan is distributed over 4 levels of living space, with an aerial staircase as a common thread.


The interior charm of the house echoes the Mediterranean way of life, with its raw and mineral materials in warm tones and its sand-colored resin floor.

On the first floor, the objective was to create a functional and comfortable entry space for daily use. The concrete staircase, the backbone of the house, provides direct access to the living areas.

The second floor offers two bedrooms and a children’s playroom with artist’s frescoes, adorned with cream curly carpeting, as well as a pleasant bathroom in total terracotta look where a tiled niche welcomes the bathtub.

The heart of the house is discovered through a terracotta cloister. A large bay window in freijo wood opens the living room on the terrace and its pond, letting the sun fill the living room. On the other side, the open kitchen offers a terracotta tiled island and a recycled plastic worktop in beige tones.

The climb ends with the master suite. A beautiful attic room with its adjoining shower room entirely tiled with grey ceramic, including a white matte pedestal sink.


The outdoor space has been cleared and landscaped to bring together all the functions of an outdoor space in a small area. A pool, a dining area and masonry benches invite you to relax. In the background, planters give rhythm to the whole and break the verticality of this space located at the back of the house.

A stylish renovation with a singular character, inviting to conviviality.

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Before …

Côté Sud, l’espace de vie s’ouvre largement sur une terrasse panoramique comme suspendue au-dessus de la mer. A l’image de la maison, la piscine s’intègre parfaitement à son environnement en jouant les dedans dehors tout en reprenant les codes arrondis omniprésents. Un jardin luxuriant aux essences méditerranéennes prolonge ce cadre féérique.

Ce lieu de vie magistral offre d’autres espaces à moduler selon les projets tels qu’une bibliothèque, un bureau, un volume à la double hauteur vitrée ainsi qu’un atelier connecté à la nature.

Côté nuit, une première chambre parentale se niche au sommet de la maison. Ici tout est lumière, perspectives et points de vue uniques. Elle se complète par un dressing et une grande salle de bain. Au niveau inférieur, quatre chambres sont faites de façon bateau et profitent de salles d’eau.

Un appartement de 65 m2 avec terrasse et jardin privés viennent parfaire l’ensemble. Un garage de 49 m² ainsi qu’une dépendance de 25 m2 complètent ce bien.

Une œuvre unique, à l’environnement enchanteur.

André Stern

Architecte DPLG, urbaniste, scénographe, André Stern a débuté sa carrière en 1977. Lauréat de concours nationaux et internationaux, ses réalisations sont non seulement appréciées pour leur esthétique, mais également pour leur qualité fonctionnelle. Il est reconnu pour son intégration élégante de la lumière naturelle dans la conception de l’espace et son utilisation créative de différents matériaux dans la construction de bâtiments.

Membre du Conseil International des Monuments et des Sites, André Stern a réalisé des projets remarquables tels que le Mémorial de la Marseillaise rue Thubaneau, la rénovation de la salle symphonique de l’Opéra de Marseille, la rénovation du château de la Buzine en l’honneur de Marcel Pagnol ou encore la scénographie intérieure de l’Eden Théâtre à La Ciotat.

A complete and colorful renovation for this 100 m2 apartment located in a building of the 6th district of Marseille, which was revealed thanks to strong bias.


Bring back to life this apartment where the charm and assets were hidden by too many disparities, while recreating a common thread.

Course of action

The idea was to highlight the titles of nobility of the place, while revealing the taste of its owner and making the kitchen and living room communicate. Then to furnish it, without using neither blue nor green!


The colors have slowly imposed themselves, warm, spicy, as well as noble materials like leather, wood and cement tiles.

In the living room, in order to keep the depth and the effect of space that the old ice wall provided, the designer Axel Chay designed an XXL mirror.

The Art Deco type glass roof between the kitchen and the living room creates an elegant opening through which one can enjoy the view without displaying the technical part of the kitchen. The transition between the spaces is smooth, thanks to a kitchen cabinet that looks like a library visible from the living room, creating an aesthetic link between the two rooms. The furnishings have been reorganized, a dining area created and the circulation optimized, with black as a common thread, in small touches, dialoguing with the quarter-top piano. In the kitchen as well as in the alcove, the ceilings were painted to accentuate the feeling of enclosure and intimacy.

In the entrance, the small windows were revealed. The former powder room, hidden behind its double doors, has been completely redesigned and decorated as a boudoir with a Garden of Eden feel.

The bathroom has been treated as a minimalist water room, where the white zelliges with pearly reflections are an invitation to relaxation. The cement tile floor with palm motifs evokes the Orient and its Oases. A touch of rosy terracotta enhances the complexion as soon as you wake up.

An elegant and subtle renovation.



Around the Hôtel de Préfecture, this district is one of the most lively and commercial.
  • honoraires10 000 € (excl. tax) as a fixed price

Before …

This duplex apartment in the heart of the Antiquaires district, is representative of a classic 18th century architecture. It is also a real jewel of historical heritage, perfectly preserved, which was waiting to be revitalised with a more contemporary touch. Revamped by the interior designer Chrystel Laporte, it is the result of a bold gamble: to bring a modern touch to an upper middle-class setting and turn it into a welcoming family flat.


Transforming a flat occupied by a couple into a family flat, making the spaces more functional and personalised, creating a large family kitchen, access to the unused terrace, creating a new bathroom upstairs.

Course of action

To preserve the charm while modernizing; to bring lightness despite sometimes, little bit loaded elements; to emphasize what makes the flat unique; to be graphic and surprising by creating contrast.


We simplified the existing ornamentation by working with whites and light to enhance it. We renovated the beautiful wood floors, with a more contemporary matt finish. We added more contemporary elements, such as the striated glass on the doors and cement tiles, but still respectful of the style of the architecture. To access the terrace, we designed an arty staircase, in a bright color responding to the immaculate white kitchen. To create contrast, was placed the ultra-contemporary kitchen directly on inlaid parquet, and the light and airy lighting fixtures were chosen to soften the heavy ceiling. We rekindle the terrace with masonry benches, cactus, and white walls, giving to it a nice Mediterranean feel.

A beautiful re-birth!

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Here is the beautiful potential we found right in the Vauban neighborhood: 150 m2 we transformed into a home. We created two contemporary duplexes by recovering the height under the roof.


The stake was to create two family flats, with 3 bedrooms. The tool we used: volume and light! And of course, cherish and reveal the testimonies of the past: the stone window’s frames, the roof structure’s wood beams and the local Cassis’ stones retaining walls. This traditional materials work gives a contemporary and comfy look to the duplexes.

Course of action

We worked on the house plan to rethink the space and allow fluid movement, as a family home should. We created a mezzanine and let the natural light flow into the room. We worked mainly with white and raw materials like wood, and added light touches of colors to soften the atmosphere.


In this room, the taylor-made oak joinery underlines the plain white walls and genuinely expands the space, in the wake of the fair wood floors. The skylight around us sheds dancing light on the pink and midnight blue walls. As we move forward, we enter a large living room, going on two floors under a row of windows. The kitchen is structured around a central wooden recess and a bookcase stair leading to the master suite. This architecture achieves to give us an overall feeling of conviviality and intimacy at the same time. As we get closer, we can get a glimpse of what is coming up next. A real cocoon is suspended under the roof, layered with soft carpeting and indirect light. As a natural extension of this space, we find a peaceful parental shower room. As for the children’s side, the two bedrooms share a large bathroom with white ceramics, contrasted with soft pink.


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A singular exercise to start from a blank sheet of paper, without constraint and leaving free rein to creation.

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