Type of property Flat
Area 100 m2
Current Vernacular
Type de mission Full Package
Durée des travaux 4 months
Budget de rénovation More than €150,000

The careful workmanship of the woodwork
The soft tones
The double height


Here is the beautiful potential we found right in the Vauban neighborhood: 150 m2 we transformed into a home. We created two contemporary duplexes by recovering the height under the roof.


The stake was to create two family flats, with 3 bedrooms. The tool we used: volume and light! And of course, cherish and reveal the testimonies of the past: the stone window’s frames, the roof structure’s wood beams and the local Cassis’ stones retaining walls. This traditional materials work gives a contemporary and comfy look to the duplexes.

Course of action

We worked on the house plan to rethink the space and allow fluid movement, as a family home should. We created a mezzanine and let the natural light flow into the room. We worked mainly with white and raw materials like wood, and added light touches of colors to soften the atmosphere.


In this room, the taylor-made oak joinery underlines the plain white walls and genuinely expands the space, in the wake of the fair wood floors. The skylight around us sheds dancing light on the pink and midnight blue walls. As we move forward, we enter a large living room, going on two floors under a row of windows. The kitchen is structured around a central wooden recess and a bookcase stair leading to the master suite. This architecture achieves to give us an overall feeling of conviviality and intimacy at the same time. As we get closer, we can get a glimpse of what is coming up next. A real cocoon is suspended under the roof, layered with soft carpeting and indirect light. As a natural extension of this space, we find a peaceful parental shower room. As for the children’s side, the two bedrooms share a large bathroom with white ceramics, contrasted with soft pink.


Pièce A Part, curation & works
Double V Gallery, artworks
Good Design Store, furniture (FermLiving & Ethnicraft)
Bonsoirs, bedding
The Socialite Family, furniture

Photos @OlivierAmsellem

A singular exercise to start from a blank sheet of paper, without constraint and leaving free rein to creation.

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