March 30, 2023

We have inaugurated our new Maison toulousaine located a few steps away from the Cathedral Saint-Etienne.

In Toulouse, located in the heart of the city, our new address is located at 11 rue Fermat. In this elegant setting, we present design pieces from our partner Red Edition, ARCHIK furniture editions and a selection of lighting from the 70s. Entirely renovated, the agency has been designed as a warm living space where natural colors and materials contrast with the black of the wooden mezzanine. Francois Bazin’s Dome dresses the double height, revealing the subtle oak cork color of Pure & Paint on the walls and ceilings. ARCHIK signs a new place to transmit its vision of the Art of Living.

During the inauguration, the reception area was furnished by Red Edition in a 70’s style. The Stanley sofa composed of three modules, each highlighted with stainless steel and rosewood, surrounded the Lounge coffee table in smoked glass, while the Elysée lamp in black and mustard lacquer subtly illuminated the space.


Thanks to Millésime Mets for the wine selection and Bia Detox for the spring buffet.

Thanks to our partners Pure & Paint for the coloring of this new space and Red Edition for the furniture.

Always passionate about design and architecture, on the lookout for the latest trends and creations, Amandine, an engineer by training and with a Master’s degree in Marketing from ESSEC, created ARCHIK in 2014. While she has worked for large groups such as LVMH and L’Oréal, she has also tried her hand at various projects before embarking, in Marseille, on this adventure.

The ambition? To put its sensitivity to aesthetics and a certain art of living at the service of others. The young structure has earned its stripes as an essential stop for architecture lovers, collectors of characterful properties and connoisseurs of beautiful materials. With this objective in mind, Amandine has never ceased to enrich ARCHIK with profiles from diverse backgrounds: cinema, art, economy, luxury…

Its catalog, now very selective, has led it to prefer bourgeois apartments revisited by architects, villas with panoramic views and hidden properties with high potential. “ARCHIK is both a city real estate agency and an architecture agency. We cater to lovers of the city, its energy and possibilities.”

With her team, Amandine scours the city for her clients in search of those living spaces that have a signature. “Marseille is in the midst of change, there is a public for these properties, waiting for a flawless service. And they want to be accompanied in their renovation projects!” says Amandine. What could be better than associating an agency and architects? A story that has only just begun!


From a beautiful bourgeois apartment in its juice stopped in time, Caroline made a warm family apartment. She likes comfortable and thoughtful interiors, and he likes to mix styles and eras. The result is an eclectic apartment with obvious character, where colors and inhabitants clash happily.


Modernize the circulation, bring back light and rethink the spaces for a family and friendly life conducive to the reception.

Course of action

Modify the organization of the apartment to bring light into all the rooms, play with the colors to structure the spaces, move the kitchen to make it a real living space.


The whole organization of the apartment had to be modified to modernize the circulation, and all the networks rethought. The U-shaped floor plan allows for different exposures of the rooms, and the choice was made to work with one color per room, with the colors varying according to the time of day. The entrance, originally blind, now serves as a small office and library area, lit by a glass opening onto the living room. In enfilade, the kitchen has taken place in the former reception room. The kitchen has become a convivial room, with a dining area. The family bathroom replaces the old kitchen. Deliberately kept white, it is in the cement tiles that the color found its place, bringing the necessary fantasy.

©Sophie Tom & Fabien Sans

En résulte un appartement éclectique au caractère évident !

  • Crédits photosSophie Tom & Fabien Sans

Involved in ARCHIK from the beginning as co-founder, Sébastien works on all issues related to strategy, brand positioning and customer relations, as well as administrative and financial matters. His leitmotiv is to ensure ARCHIK’s high-end positioning through the quality of its customer relations. “ARCHIK is a company with structured work processes. And for all the cogs to work, it’s a permanent job that is not necessarily visible to everyone.

Sébastien has experience in this field. He worked for BMW for 10 years, from marketing to communications, including press relations and B-to-B sales, an experience which he applies to real estate. “With a background in a brand known for its rigour and the loyalty of its customers, I learnt what customers’ requirements are. It’s a matter of paying attention at every moment.

ARCHIK is characterised by real differences, “a quality of work, a desire to approach properties through the art of living, to offer a living space rather than square metres and to offer a specialised service by accompanying clients in the renovation of properties thanks to architects, decorators and other designers”.

This is an important specificity according to this fan of Frank Gehry, “an architect-sculptor, who also approaches his field in a different way: starting with an intention, an inspiration, he then imagines the tools necessary to make it real and viable”. According to Sébastien, this is a challenge that requires “evolving with the times, remaining flexible and listening to our clients in order to constantly reinvent ourselves”.



Sales Administration Manager

Since her end-of-study internship in Communication and Marketing at Maison ARCHIK in Toulouse, Marie has not left the adventure: for almost a year, she has been roaming the pink city as a negotiator, before joining Marseille in April 2018, as Sales Administration Manager. A valuable support provided daily to the teams in the three cities.

Right from the start, Maison ARCHIK seduced her for its innovative and meaningful concept… “It’s beautiful, simple and different. Crossing disciplines, highlighting the essence of a place, and perfecting the habitat are values that drive me, which is why I found myself in many codes…”. The work environment corresponds to her personality, which is oriented towards art, design, architecture and aesthetics. It is therefore natural that she immerses herself in this world of global thinking around the habitat.

What does she like about the city? Walking in the street, being attentive to buildings, trying to distinguish flats, inner courtyards, and finding unusual architecture or places. It’s a way for Marie to appreciate the atmosphere of cities, their different neighbourhoods, whether they have the charm of the old like the Carmes and Esquirol in Toulouse, whether they are cosmopolitan like the Vieux Port or Noailles in Marseille, or more historical like the Opéra or Marais districts in Paris. Different neighbourhoods, but lively, each in their own way.


Alexandre SUBRA

Architect DPLG

Passionate about art, culture and travel, Alexandre Subra is an architect. Curious to learn and diversify, he studied architecture at the Écoles Nationales Supérieur d’Architecture de Paris Val de Seine, Montpellier and Toulouse where he obtained his habilitation in 2014.

Before opening his own agency in 2014, Alexandre worked for Taillandier Architects and then for REC Architecture. Within his agency ASA – Alexandre Subra Architects, he develops projects of various natures answering the whole of the private order, the hotel industry of luxury, the medical sector, but also the creation, the renovation, and the extension of private goods for which he also specializes in the interior architecture and develops custom furniture.

Fully inspired by the world around him, Alexandre finds his guidelines in minimalism, sobriety, elegance and refinement. He is a great admirer of Aires Mateus’ work, especially the White House in Portugal and the Community Center in the south of Lisbon.

Attentive and curious, with a taste for beautiful things and work well done, Alexandre Subra is interested in our partners (decorators, designers, art hunters,…) with a view to broadening the scope of his skills towards new horizons.


Caroline BOUTEL

Interior Designer

A graduate of BAU, the Higher School of Design in Barcelona, Caroline began her career in Barcelona’s architectural agencies, working on both technical and decorative projects. She then worked for a high-end furniture designer before creating her own agency in Toulouse. Specializing in home design and renovation, she adapts to the style of the existing architecture and to the client’s sensibility to create unique spaces where it is good to live.

Her fields of intervention go from the structural work to the pure decoration. She will accompany you in all stages of the project: definition of the ideal layout, detailed design (choice of materials, lighting, custom furniture), consultation of companies and management of the work.

Creativity and sensitivity characterize her. She loves refined styles and has an eye for detail. Her challenge is to take advantage of her passion for beautiful things to create amazing custom interiors.


Now a negotiator at ARCHIK in Toulouse, Vanessa is accustomed to singular universes, whether it be decoration or haute couture.

From her training as a costume designer, our aesthete has kept a sense of detail. Later, she turned to consulting: for the love of the product and the contact with customers. At Ressource, Hall 2, or Département Féminin, Vanessa has frequented the beautiful houses, those that have confirmed her love for decoration. Her background as a florist has done the rest, bringing a touch of fantasy. It’s not surprising that she finally joined ARCHIK, an opportunity to express her aesthetic sensibility and to showcase her listening skills!

You should see her in action: dynamic and cheerful, she loves to roam the pink city in search of the rare good, to project herself into the space, to exchange her impressions with her clients and to listen to theirs.

What does she like about Toulouse? The lively squares by day and by night, such as the Trinité and Salengro squares… And, as she so nicely puts it, the privilege of being between two currents: the Canal du midi and the Garonne. Esthete and epicurean!



Landscape Designer DPLG

Saut-de-Loup is a DPLG landscaping studio, specialized in designing parks and gardens, for private and public clients.

During his studies at the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage de Versailles, Antoine Ginesty gradually sharpened his ecological awareness and his taste for “the field”. It is quite naturally that he created the Saut-de-Loup workshop, proposing an in-depth design work, adapted to the natural constraints and aspirations of his clients.

But the workshop goes beyond the traditional codes of the designer confined to his drawing board and the production of computerized plans… Thus, beyond its landscape expertise and the creation of original spaces, Saut-de-Loup “puts its hand to the paw”, through the realization of some projects, putting into practice in situ its experimental principles and its ecological convictions

Saut-de-Loup has the ambition to create sustainable developments, adapted to contemporary constraints.