June – August 2023

A graphic and flamboyant scenography showcases their creations inspired by the aesthetics of the 70s.

The AMCA OVAL duo showcase their sustainably manufactured creations, inspired by the aesthetics of the 70s, in a play of textures and neutral and colorful hues.

Their VIBRATIONS collection is the fruit of Alexis Martial’s intuitive exploration of color, form and space. From his sensitive and abstract perception, he imagines a series of tufted cushions and wall art, as well as hand-knotted wool rugs, that explore his graphic vision.

AURORA is a contemporary interpretation of a modular system typical of the 70s, unveiled in 2023. An ode to circularity, creating a playful whole in a material that can be endlessly recycled. The system is imagined as a playground that can be transformed from the same laser-cut elements into an infinitely extendable screen, a table lamp or a coffee table with a glass top.

The oval is combined with extruded curves to create a kinetic pattern, like a kind of “paper-cut”.

Alexis Martial et Adrien Caillaudaud

The duo of Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud imagine a singular universe, both pop and poetic, expressed in fashion and design. Stylists, textile designers and art directors, the two creatives spent 15 years working in fashion before launching their AMCA OVAL project, a reference to their initials and the oval that symbolizes the ideal of a circular global system.

AMCA OVAL is a creative force that challenges norms, stimulates the imagination and leaves a lasting imprint on the world of art and fashion.

“There’s something very statutory about the circle, whereas the oval is much softer, more harmonious, more encompassing. It’s both a shape representing femininity, an ideal, and a symbol of sharing and collaboration that kept coming up in our inspirations.”

– Adrien Caillaudaud et Alexis Martial



From June 15 to August 28

At Maison ARCHIK Marseille

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Architect DPLG & Decorator

Nouvelle Maison Studio is the story of an adventure between two people: Rodolphe Roletto, Architect DPLG and Virginie Monroe, Decorator. Together, they build bridges between their passions of fashion, art, architecture and 20th century design.

Before opening their studio, the couple created a chic and bohemian world of high fashion jewellery for several years. They designed and opened several boutiques with refined interiors in Paris, Marseille and Lille, while collaborating with well-known brands such as Annick Goutal, Agnès B., Tara Jarmon, Maje…

From this past in fashion, they have kept the taste for careful finishing, and the detail that makes the difference. “Our strength is our complementarity, we have two visions of the business, allowing us to take a global view.”

The founding duo takes pleasure in offering a complete range of services, from construction to interior design, reflecting the personality of their clients while respecting the spirit of the place. Their eclectic style is interested in pure lines, in light that highlights a volume, in noble materials that come together without fading, in colour that creates emotion, in a fair balance between tradition and modernity.

By opening a brand new space in Marseille in the booming Longchamp / Cinq avenues district, Rodolphe and Virginie are expressing their desire to put their creativity and skills at the service of individuals and professionals. Like ARCHIK, they place great emphasis on the quality of customer relations when accompanying a renovation project.



Interior Designer

With a degree in urban planning and real estate law, Caroline worked for 12 years on urban renewal and renovation of run-down housing in downtown Marseille, before devoting herself to her passion for design and decoration.

With a background in space design and after numerous real estate projects, she created her agency to put her passion at the service of her clients and create with them custom-made, timeless and graphic spaces.

In her work, Caroline favors the combination of natural and living materials that patinate with time, as well as neutral tones. She likes to emphasize the shapes and architectural uniqueness of certain elements with bright and contrasting colors, in order to create a soft and warm atmosphere. Finally, she attaches particular importance to creating custom-made spaces that are functional and adapted to the occupants’ lifestyle in order to provide them with well-being in their daily lives.

Cultivating a particular attraction to the modern movement with its minimalist lines and raw materials, she believes in the continuity between art, design and architecture and the mixing of styles.

So naturally, she got closer to ARCHIK and its family spirit. And accompanies you in your renovation projects in Marseille with determination and rigor.



Architect DPLG

MARION BERNARD is an architecture agency created in 2009 by Manon Gaillet and Sylvain Bérard. Behind this name, created from scratch, lies a very singular duo. They met on the benches of the high school and met again after their studies of architecture in their city of origin: Marseille. Sylvain studied at Pennhingen school and Manon at ENSA Paris-Malaquais, which had a new way of teaching, allowing them to choose a branch of architecture every six months. They won the competition for the construction of the Institut méditerranéen de la ville et des territoires in Marseille, which will be built by 2022, and this encouraged them to continue their collaboration.

Each of them has a singular approach to architecture through graphic design or the range of professions linked to housing, and this duo breaks down the way of thinking about architecture to bring it a generosity centred on the way of living and the space experienced. Their work with concrete in all its forms and effects becomes a signature.

They overcome questions of functionality and use to come closer to the dreamed and imaginary space. The agency’s field of experimentation is growing and diversifying. Urban planning, scenography or exhibitions such as in 2017 for the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, during the curation of the “30 architects” exhibition or more recently for the creation of the Sessùn Alma shop in Marseille. Their love for theatre and decor gives their project a scenic and poetic charge: “We love the dreamlike power of art, which is eminently more abstract than architecture.”

Opening up architecture by inviting art, showing practices and sharing modes of expression will be their leitmotiv in the realization of private and public commissions. By definition, the fact of building freezes. Manon and Sylvain like to work on their projects in such a way that even once they are built, the imagination of each person can still be exercised.

Posture(s) I Anthony Guerrée

March – May 2023

The exhibition Posture(s) retraces the creative process of the French designer Anthony Guerrée, and allows to discover how he draws a seat from a posture.

This scenography honors the research work that the French designer Anthony Guerrée has been conducting for several years around « the seat ». This functional furniture orientates by its conception and its design, the posture that one adopts in contact with it and consequently its use. The inclination can either invite discussion and sharing, or conversely, withdrawal. ARCHIK and Anthony Guerrée invite visitors to immerse themselves in the designer’s creative process by exhibiting the sketches and models of his chair collection entitled « Les assises du temps perdu », inspired by the characters in Marcel Proust’s novel « À la recherche du temps perdu ».

As the new director of Habitat’s design studio, Anthony Guerrée delved into the brand’s archives and developed his first chairs. UP and DELTA, two strong pieces with clear geometric shapes that offer a play of full and empty spaces, are exhibited here at the Maison ARCHIK Marseille.

Anthony Guerrée

Anthony Guerrée is one of those designers who are about to mark our decade. Trained at the Ecole Boulle, the designer just graduated and joined the prestigious Studio Andrée Putman where he designed custom-made furniture for major architectural projects. He then spent five years working with Christophe Delcourt, designing furniture for his eponymous brand, as well as for international collaborations.

In 2020, Anthony Guerrée launched his own design studio. It was then that he unveiled his first manifesto project inspired by his reading of Proust, « Les assises du temps perdu », each corresponding to a character in the book. In 2022, the « Verdurin » chair from the same collection entered the collections of the Mobilier National. At the same time, he was awarded the « French Design » prize at the Élysée Palace.

At the same time, he designs for many French and international brands such as Kann Design, Linteloo or Nosten. In September 2022, he exhibited at La Maison La Roche (Fondation Le Corbusier) his collection « Fragments» which he had imagined for M Éditions, a design publisher created by Les Marbreries de la Seine, and which questions two myths: Greek architecture and Le Corbusier. The same year, he was named director of the design studio for Habitat.

« Drawing a seat is above all drawing a posture, an attitude, a way of sitting with others. »



From March 2nd to May 31st 2023
in Maison ARCHIK Marseille

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An artist since her childhood, Marion naturally went on to study Art History, then architecture at La Villette in Paris, driven by her passion for conception. HMONP architect, she first put her skills at the service of various Parisian agencies, notably as team leader at Axel Schoenert Architecte.

In 2019, she decides to fly on her own and create her agency, to find the space of the sensitive: the history of a place, its inhabitants, their life project and their uses, the material … Originally from the Drôme, she returns to Provence to build and create in places that make her vibrate for their light, their landscape and their colors. She fell in love with Marseille for its sea and its cultural diversity, and settled there in 2020.

Passionate about the art of living in general and inspired by nature, travel, and world craftsmanship, Marion is particularly fond of “full-body” materials such as wood, concrete, terracotta, stone and glass, for their ability to last and develop a patina over time without losing their essence.

She exercises the profession of architect in its rigor and its range of responsibilities, adopting the role of conductor and creative master. In her renovations, she gives pride of place to the play of light that evolves with the day and the seasons.

With ARCHIK, Marion shares this same passion for the art of living. Convinced that together we are stronger, she joined the team to accompany you on your renovation projects in Marseille and its surroundings.


États de verre I ATELIER GEORGE

Novembre 2022 – Février 2023

As part of the launch of its Revue N°4 on the theme of glass, ARCHIK presents an exhibition as a tribute to this timeless, malleable and infinitely reusable material, which has been present in architecture and design for decades.

This exhibition highlights the co-creation of the TANGO edition. ARCHIK has given Atelier George carte blanche to create a scenography illustrating the blown glass technique through the production of the TANGO edition and the cast glass alongside a selection of pieces from its “Cime” collection.

The TANGO edition is displayed among the laser-cut poplar moulds used to create the fluted decoration of each element of this nomadic set. It consists of a carafe and two glasses that fit together like Russian dolls to create a sculptural totem.

On the other side, an extract from the “Cime” collection by Atelier George. The pieces were created by taking impressions of plants in molten glass. Cradled by the planet’s vibrations, this line encapsulates traces of the surrounding plant world. They light up, rest or cling.

Atelier George

Atelier George is a duo composed of Eve George and Laurent Fichot, designers and glassblowers.

After studying at the Ecole Boulle, then at the ENSCI in Paris, Eve specialised in glass. She joined the CERFAV – Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation aux Arts Verrier – and became a Compagnon Verrier. For his part, Laurent, who comes from a family of ceramists, benefited from training from an early age.

Laurent, for his part, studied art throwing and cane blowing, and then became a professional in fine houses such as Cristalleries Saint-Louis or Lalique, and in artisanal workshops such as Biot. He joined the Centre International d’Art Verrier (Meisenthal) where he made custom-made pieces for designers and artists.

At Atelier George, they work together from design to production. Their work includes lighting, tableware and wall tiles, all made using molten glass techniques. Each object in the Atelier is unique: thanks to the mastery of glass blowing, the objects are never reproduced identically.

Opaline globes, wooden moulds and broken glass make up this scenography inspired by a glassblower’s workshop.



De novembre 2022 à février 2023
à la Maison ARCHIK Marseille

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