Façonner l’imaginaire | Amélie Maison d’Art

September – October 2019

ARCHIK continues its exploration of architecture, art and design by inviting the Parisian gallery Amelie Maison d'Art for this new exhibition.

Since ancient times in the Near and Middle East, the clay architectural model has explored, in a more or less explicit way, the relationship to reality and the sacred. Similarly, throughout the centuries, the practice of “paper architecture”, also called “visionary architecture”, has often been used by architects and artists to experiment with utopian projects and represent imaginary spaces. These conceptual drawings and models reflect a desire to imagine the world of tomorrow in the image of man, sometimes in opposition to the rationality of technology.

Pushing back the boundaries of art, craft and architecture, the sculptures and works on paper presented in “Shaping the Imagination” return us to this practice. Anouk Albertini’s series of monolithic buildings and natural biomorphic forms announce their relationship to the body with their titles “Family” and “Couple”. In parallel, Pilar Angeloglou’s constructions, like archaeological sites, are evocative of ancient and traditional architecture. Frédéric Heurlier Cimolaï’s work on paper, evoking mass plans, is intrinsic to his formal research on the proportions and modulations of space. Finally, Delphine Brabant’s radical constructions refer us to a monumental and brutalist architecture, communicating an expressive force to modernist and utopian currents.

Exhibited in the ARCHIK HOUSE, a place of work and creation around architecture, the pieces presented in “Façonner l’imaginaire” gain in autonomy and manifest their status as both objects and carriers of ideas.

Amelie Maison d'Art

“Since the beginning, our bias has been towards contemporary abstract art, which we feel is the strongest expression of the creative freedom of each artist who must create his or her own pictorial vocabulary.

Unlike figuration, abstraction also allows for an unlimited field of interpretation where the imagination of each artist is put to the test. Never seeing the same thing twice in a painting is the strength of abstraction.

We want to bring out a new generation of artists who deserve a prominent place in the art market.

Whether they are young or already present in prestigious collections, what all our artists have in common is their talent and the potential that our committee of experts recognises in them.

Our mission is to accompany them in their work, to increase their visibility, their notoriety and their rating.”

These conceptual drawings and models bear witness to a desire to imagine the world of tomorrow in the image of man, sometimes in opposition to the rationality of technology.



September – October 2019
at Maison ARCHIK Marseille

Exhibition curator

Cari Gonzalez-Casanova

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