Located in a historic and highly sought-after condominium in the 10th arrondissement, this apartment with its industrial origins was in good condition, but its U-shaped floor plan deserved to be rethought. It is built around a 9 m2 terrace, whose charm was just waiting to be revealed.


Rediscover a plan that’s easier to live in, with an open kitchen, larger shower room, separate WC and, of course, more storage space. Bring the terrace back to life as a real bonus room. More light in the kitchen.

Line of conduct

Preserve the atypical charm of the premises and the remarkable old features. Echo the greenery of the terrace by punctuating the apartment with flat expanses of green.

Assume the “countryside in Paris” ambience, which combines industrial codes (black metal skylights, antique doors, retro-style electric radiators), country-inspired antique furniture such as the farm table and framed kitchen fronts, and the Mediterranean softness embodied by the raw materials of the South of France: terracotta and waxed concrete.


A complete renovation that places the kitchen next to the terrace, giving each a place at the heart of the apartment. A previously under-utilized space was upgraded with the creation of a custom-made office, entirely painted a deep green to become a real bonus room.

A parquet floor painted white to unify the whole and let the light circulate: a bold choice, but one that paid off.

An ultra-optimized bathroom in which waxed concrete-covered formwork conceals technical elements and creates hidden niches and storage.

Original plans & project

A haven of peace and light with simple beauty.

  • Crédits photosBertrand Fompeyrine BCDF

The before …

A blank page to write in this apartment on the rue des Martyrs, which has been asleep for years. A playground of 112 mto invest fully.


Adapting an apartment to today’s uses and functions, thanks to the decompartmentalization of the kitchen and the creation of a parental bedroom with dressing room and large shower room.

Course of action

A strong intervention on the entrance space and the kitchen, completely remodeled, and the creation of a contrast of this space with the rest of the apartment. Thought as a small stage, everything in the kitchen is there to highlight materials such as pink Quartzite opus, travertine, and dark wood.

Materials of unusual use, such as the Incertum opus in Pink Quartzite in the kitchen floor and the entrance hall, create a sense of surprise and are enhanced by custom-made arrangements in blackened oak and dark paint.


The work on the custom-made layout elements has allowed the creation of functional spaces, as well as a simple and uncluttered reading of the spaces. It also allows to highlight elements such as a central island in travertine or furniture.

The adult bathroom, with its flowing shower and transparent dressing room, reveals a warm space bathed in light from the south.

Clean lines and uncompromising style, with bold but always accurate choices.


Before …