A complete and colorful renovation for this 100 m2 apartment located in a building of the 6th district of Marseille, which was revealed thanks to strong bias.


Bring back to life this apartment where the charm and assets were hidden by too many disparities, while recreating a common thread.

Course of action

The idea was to highlight the titles of nobility of the place, while revealing the taste of its owner and making the kitchen and living room communicate. Then to furnish it, without using neither blue nor green!


The colors have slowly imposed themselves, warm, spicy, as well as noble materials like leather, wood and cement tiles.

In the living room, in order to keep the depth and the effect of space that the old ice wall provided, the designer Axel Chay designed an XXL mirror.

The Art Deco type glass roof between the kitchen and the living room creates an elegant opening through which one can enjoy the view without displaying the technical part of the kitchen. The transition between the spaces is smooth, thanks to a kitchen cabinet that looks like a library visible from the living room, creating an aesthetic link between the two rooms. The furnishings have been reorganized, a dining area created and the circulation optimized, with black as a common thread, in small touches, dialoguing with the quarter-top piano. In the kitchen as well as in the alcove, the ceilings were painted to accentuate the feeling of enclosure and intimacy.

In the entrance, the small windows were revealed. The former powder room, hidden behind its double doors, has been completely redesigned and decorated as a boudoir with a Garden of Eden feel.

The bathroom has been treated as a minimalist water room, where the white zelliges with pearly reflections are an invitation to relaxation. The cement tile floor with palm motifs evokes the Orient and its Oases. A touch of rosy terracotta enhances the complexion as soon as you wake up.

An elegant and subtle renovation.



Around the Hôtel de Préfecture, this district is one of the most lively and commercial.
  • honoraires10 000 € (excl. tax) as a fixed price

Before …

From a beautiful bourgeois apartment in its juice stopped in time, Caroline made a warm family apartment. She likes comfortable and thoughtful interiors, and he likes to mix styles and eras. The result is an eclectic apartment with obvious character, where colors and inhabitants clash happily.


Modernize the circulation, bring back light and rethink the spaces for a family and friendly life conducive to the reception.

Course of action

Modify the organization of the apartment to bring light into all the rooms, play with the colors to structure the spaces, move the kitchen to make it a real living space.


The whole organization of the apartment had to be modified to modernize the circulation, and all the networks rethought. The U-shaped floor plan allows for different exposures of the rooms, and the choice was made to work with one color per room, with the colors varying according to the time of day. The entrance, originally blind, now serves as a small office and library area, lit by a glass opening onto the living room. In enfilade, the kitchen has taken place in the former reception room. The kitchen has become a convivial room, with a dining area. The family bathroom replaces the old kitchen. Deliberately kept white, it is in the cement tiles that the color found its place, bringing the necessary fantasy.

©Sophie Tom & Fabien Sans

En résulte un appartement éclectique au caractère évident !

  • Crédits photosSophie Tom & Fabien Sans

Au sol du double salon, les carreaux de ciment Agnès Emery accompagnent les poutres en métal noir pour souligner la trace d’un mur du passé et s’harmoniser au ton du parquet en chêne vieilli.

Dans la cuisine, séparée et conviviale, les anciennes poutres rondes sablées, le calepinage des Zelliges blancs de la crédence et les façades en chêne faites par un menuisier donnent des allures d’antan. Le feu de la grande cheminée de pierre réchauffe les tablées d’hivers tandis que la terrasse ombragée rafraichit les repas estivaux.

Le premier étage est organisé comme une suite luxueuse, avec une chambre spacieuse, une salle de bain, un bureau et un grand dressing. Une grande chambre et sa salle d’eau occupent tout le dernier étage, sous les toits.

Sous les voutes de pierres du sous-sol, une salle de sport et son spa ainsi qu’une cave à vin illustrent l’adage « après l’effort le réconfort ». Un grand bureau, ancien studio d’enregistrement avec annexes, ouvre ses baies vitrées sur une terrasse en anciennes billes de chemin de fer, face au jardin.

Dehors, la belle hauteur d’une varangue ancienne protège les parties de pétanque et donne au jardin une sensation de second patio.

Une belle annexe vêtue de pierres accueille distinctement deux chambres d’amis et leurs salles de bain.

Centre névralgique du lieu, la piscine au sel, chauffée, jouxte le poolhouse aménagé, traité comme un coin de vacances.