Novembre – Février 2023

As part of the launch of its Revue N°4 on the theme of glass, ARCHIK presents an exhibition as a tribute to this timeless, malleable and infinitely reusable material, which has been present in architecture and design for decades.

Atelier George

Atelier George is a duo composed of Eve George and Laurent Fichot, designers and glassblowers. In their workshop, they work together from design to manufacture. Their work includes lighting, tableware and wall tiles, all created using molten glass techniques. Each object of the Atelier is unique: thanks to the mastery of glass blowing, the objects are never reproduced identically.

This exhibition highlights the co-creation of the TANGO edition. ARCHIK invited Atelier George to create a scenography illustrating the glassblowing technique through its new edition as well as a selection of pieces from its collections. The TANGO edition is displayed on a black table with bluish reflections by designer Xavier Montoy. An Arc chair by Pascal Mourgue invites you to sit down. Behind it, a wall weaving by Léa Parraguin echoes the shades of blue of the lights and vases from the Atelier George collections.

Garnier & Linker

The strength of the design duo Guillaume Garnier & Florent Linker lies in their ability to enhance forgotten techniques and to constantly renew their application and aesthetics. This strength also resides in the creative method they have put in place: a hybrid process that borrows as much from design as from craftsmanship and sculpture, and that comes to life between the studio and the workshop.

The Garnier & Linker collection was born of experiments with ancestral materials and know-how. Alabaster, obsidian, volcanic stone, bronze, plaster and solid cast glass: all materials reinterpreted in a contemporary language. Each model is handmade by French master craftsmen.

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The techniques of blown glass and lost wax glass paste are highlighted in this exhibition dedicated to the material of the year: glass.



From December 2022 to February 2023
at Maison ARCHIK Paris

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