ShadeSarrasin - Pure & Paint
Dimensions144 pages 20 x 26 cm
DetailsOnce a year Published by ARCHIK
Limited to10 000 copies
ManufacturingFrench - Sustainable paper and vegetable-based ink

In this fourth opus, we pay tribute to glass. A central element of architecture, which over the centuries has brought light into our interiors, glass is everything : an exceptional know-how, an everyday material, and is still the subject of many innovations today.


Art, Architecture, Design

Inspired by a creative and contemporary lifestyle, the magazine is based on real editorial and visual content that advocates ‘slow reading’. An annual magazine that could be described as a “beautiful object”, with a minimalist art direction and a strong emphasis on photography.

An editorial line centred on art, design, the city and architecture, through columns conceived in the form of discussions, giving the floor to committed, inspiring or prescriptive personalities.

Workshop visit – Atelier George

Private interior – Refuge in Barbizon

Objects of desire – States of glass

Rendez-vous – Abbey of Conques – Niemeyer Pavilion – Crystal Houses

Resort – Troigros House

Re-birth – La Maison 1492

Conversation – Anne Holtrop

Symbiosis – Wayfarers Chapel

Clichés de verre – Reflections by Charlotte Lapalus

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