Les Trois-Lucs

The Trois-Lucs district, to the east of Marseille, is located at the end of the Beaumont plateau which links the city to the Garlaban massif.

The neighborhood is residential and offers a combination of village and family life. It attracts city dwellers in search of greenery and a certain quality of life, only a few kilometers from downtown.

The new urbanization of the 1970s modified the heart of the village by widening the roads towards Olives, Allauch and Valentine. By moving away from the main roads, the charm of the countryside is very present.

The district also has a history of beautiful and ancient monuments such as the Beau Séjour boarding school, formerly an educational establishment, but also the Sainte-Rita church, a famous place of pilgrimage. The “Mille Roses” villa acquired by Fernandel and his wife is located on one of the main avenues.

Concerned about the well-being of its families, the district has many school structures, but also sports.


The Saint-Julien district is located between Saint-Barnabé, Montolivet and la Fourragère. It is a residential area that has preserved a rare quality of life.

In this village with its narrow streets, there are beautiful middle-class properties and many green spaces. It is centred around its church and overlooks the urban centre of Marseille and the sea in the distance. Popular with families for its natural beauty, it offers beautiful walks with panoramic views.

The residence Les Amaryllis, built in the 1970s, has the particularity of housing on its roof flats with vegetated terraces giving the impression of rooftop gardens.