Type of property
Area 130 m2
Exterior Balcony
Durée des travaux 5 months

The audacity of contemporary style mixed with Haussmannian attributes
The dive in several shades of blue
The sea view that can be seen from every window


In a Haussmannian building facing the sea, this apartment with a splendid view needed a total transformation. Worked by the agency Un Jour d’Avril, the renovation is a wink to the natural swimming pool of the Vallon des Auffes, located a few blocks away.

The objective

Transform an apartment with an exceptional sea view but with an outdated decoration into a modern family apartment by reworking the floor plan to add a bedroom. Modernize this living space while preserving its original charm and attributes: floor tiles, moldings, fireplace.

Course of action

As a tribute to the sea, the color palette combines pastels and especially blues. The mosaic is a wink to the seaside aesthetic. The monumental mirror in the living room reflects the reflections. Even the ladder that leads to the mezzanine of the youngest child’s room is a nod to the seawater pool in the Auffes valley, located a few blocks away.


The space was completely redesigned without touching the partitions for structural reasons. The original kitchen was transformed into a master suite, with a masonry headboard, dressing room and custom desk, while the new kitchen was located behind the living room. These two spaces are now linked by a central module on both sides, with a double fireplace at its heart.

The entire apartment was designed in a graphic style, with a pool effect accentuated by the choice of earthenware in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Dressing rooms have been added in all the bedrooms, each with its own personality. For the youngest of the family, a mezzanine has been designed to double the space, which can be climbed on thanks to a pool ladder…

A renovation with a singular character, which invokes the best of the Mediterranean.

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